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Eco-cleaning of your house in Platja d'Aro

We use special technologies and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. Suitable for sensitive house owners, children, pets.

We use european «Eco Chemical» Instead of standard cleaning supplies,

Only «green» cleaning products → Calculate the cost
EcoVer The most popular eco-cleaning product in Europe
All products have undergone examination and certification in accordance with European and Russian standards, and they are completely safe for humans and animals.
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Meet your Cleaner

Our cleaning stuff are neat women between the ages of 24 and 50 who have undergone extensive screening and training. We will choose a cleaner for you a day before the ordered cleaning.

Frequently asked questions

Why should we trust you?

We strive to please our customers. To accomplish this, we carefully select, test, and train our cleaners. Each cleaner has a distinct cleaning technology that ensures the safety and cleanliness of household items.

What is the difference between deep and maintenance cleaning?

We advise you to choose deep cleaning when you need perfect cleanliness. If you haven't done a deep cleaning in a long time, we recommend that you order this service in order to keep your apartment clean on a weekly basis in the future.

I have found defects after cleaning. What should i do ?

Please contact us right away. Take a photo of the defect and send it to our Quality Department, or to any of the messengers. We will respond immediately and find a solution to the problem.

Can I book a partial house cleaning ?

Of course! Simply specify this when ordering cleaning, and we will calculate the cost based on the actual number of rooms to be cleaned.

Will the cleaner bring own cleaning supplies, or should I provide my own?

Our cleaners bring their own cleaning supplies. It's also possible If there is a need to clean with you own supplies

What if I can’t be at home while cleaning?

Don't worry - just order the "pick up the keys" service and come to a clean and perfectly tidy house.

I have a lot of little items on my shelf. What should I do?

Choose the additional service «Special Orders». The cleaner will then separate the shelves from their contents, perform surface treatment, and return everything to its proper place. You can also remove items from the shelf yourself, and the cleaner will clean all surfaces. This is included in the regular service.