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Post renovation cleaning in Platja d'Aro

We will put the final touch in cleaning by a team of experienced cleaners and with the help of special equipment.
Post renovation cleaning Post renovation cleaning Post renovation cleaning

What's included in the cleaning service

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3 reasons

Trust post renovation cleaning to professionals
The reason 1 No damage to a recently renovated apartment We know how to remove any kind of dirt. Improper use of cleaning supplies can damage a new renovation.
The reason 2 Save your health and time You do not have to breathe fine dust and use a lot of chemicals for cleaning.
The reason 3 Move to a clean apartment You will get the most pleasant thing - putting things away, enjoying the cleanliness and fresh atmosphere.

Special equipment

Professional vacuum cleaner Karcher
Compact yet powerful enough to effectively remove dirt and dust, even deep gotten dust inside of carpets and upholstered furniture.
Steam generator Karcher
Steam generator for removing stubborn dirt as well as disinfecting and fighting germs.

Find out the price from the photo with an accuracy of 99%

Send us a photo of the room and comments to any messenger, and we will make an accurate calculation for you!

How to make an order

Discussion of the cleaning service will be done by phone. Expert arrival might be necessary to evaluate the cleaning area and to choose correct cleaning supplies.
02 Arriving
The cleaning team supervised by a foreman will arrive. The foreman will monitor the cleaning process and respond to any questions.
03 Clean up
Cleaning takes place simultaneously in several rooms and includes 5 stages.
04 Sign documents
We sign the act of completion and the owner of the house pays the agreed amount in advance.